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SVK Photography Team specializes in Romantic Engagement shoot, Creative Wedding Protraits, Outdoor Wedding Photography and much more.

About Us

We are Professional Cinimatic Wedding Film makers. Your wedding day is the most important day of your life - Your wedding photos are all that's left after the celebrations are over.

We know that we only have one chance to get it right - SVK Photography uses the best in class equipment along with the skill and the artistic eye to get theright image the first time, right in camera.

Our couples are not just looking for wedding photos, but they are looking for us to create art.. As your favourite wedding photographers, we deliver spectacular, dramatic, breathtaking and exciting wedding photos and videos for each and every couple.

Candid Photography

What ar the special ingredients that go into the most hearfelt photographs? Those special glances, those uninhibited laughs, those whispers, those tears of joy and more.

We're there capturing it all wothout our couples even realizing we're present in the room. When it comes time for your portraits, our unique style and approch bring out your honest expressions and beautiful moments without any strict and sterile posing.

The end result is an album full of photographs that make you get lost in those moments once again.

"Photos give us memory, but great photos of golden moments give us great joy"

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Traditional Photography

Whether it's making a woman shine the brightrst as a bride or immortalizing moments for families, we committed to excellence in whatever we do.

Our fun and relaxed approach will make your day as memorable as the images we will provide to you in a gorgeous custom made album.

A combination of our artistic expression and your personal style will set the sene for your dream wedding.

"We not only have the ability to capture the natural magic of your Wedding day but we also creat of our own whilst telling the full story of your wedding day"